Escape Plans

If You're Trapped and Can't Get Out

  1. Go into a room - preferably one looking onto a street and shut the door behind you.
  2. Place blankets, clothing or rugs at the bottom of the door to keep out smoke.
  3. Shout for help from the window to raise the alarm.
  4. If the heat and smoke is life-threatening and the fire brigade have not yet arrived, attempt to get out - but only as a last resort.
  5. Drop bedding out of the window to soften your fall.
  6. Climb out feet first, lower yourself down before dropping to the ground.
  7. Do not jump - you will hurt yourself.

Have a Plan

Every household should have some sort of escape plan in place just in case the worst was to happen.

Plan together as a family so everyone knows where to go. Special arrangements may need to be made if anybody in the household has mobility problems.