First Aid

Stop, drop, and roll

If your clothes catch fire, the stop, drop and roll method allows you to extinguish the fire quickly and efficiently. An essential part of fire safety; these tips could help save your life.

Three image sequence showing a boy stopping dropping and rolling

If someone else's clothes catch fire…

  • Force them to the ground.
  • Wrap a rug, carpet or coat etc. around them.
  • Take care your own clothes don’t catch fire.
  • Call for medical aid at once. Anyone who suffers burns should also be treated for shock.

First aid

The main thing to remember is before you attempt any first aid, make sure you don’t put yourself in danger. Always check your surroundings first to make sure you are safe.


Don’t try to reach into the mouth to search for the object since this can lodge the object more deeply and cause more damage. If they are breathing try to reassure them and call 999 straight away.

Mild obstruction

Able to speak, cry, cough or breathe. Encourage them to continue coughing and remove any obvious obstruction from the mouth.

Severe obstruction

Unable to speak, cry, cough or breathe

Casualty will eventually become unconscious without assistance.Give up to five back slaps between the shoulder blades. Check the mouth and remove any obvious obstruction. Dial 999 for an ambulance if it doesn’t clear.

Recovery Position

If a casualty is unconscious and not breathing and/or has any life threatening conditions call 999 immediately.

If they are breathing and have no life-threatening conditions, they should be placed in the recovery position.

This is done by:

  1. straightening both their legs, taking the arm nearest you and placing it straight out from the body, so it runs a straight line with the collarbone.
  2. Take the other arm and cross it over the chest, placing the back of the hand against the person’s cheek closest to you. Using your other hand grasp the leg furthest away slightly above the knee and pull it up, making certain the foot stays on the ground.
  3. Keeping their hand pressed to their cheek, pull this leg towards you. This will cause the casualty to roll over on their side facing towards you. Adjust the upper leg so that both the hips and knees are bent at right angles.
  4. Gently tilt the head back to ensure that the airway is open. Check their breathing often.

Maybe you could practise this with your friends or family!

Four image sequence showing how to put someone in recovery position