Smoke Alarms

Test it Tuesday!

Test your smoke alarms every week.

Tuesday is as good a day as any - we call it 'Test it Tuesday'.

Why not set a weekly alarm on your phone to remind you?

Why do we need smoke alarms?

  • Fire strikes when you least expect it, often during the night. If you are asleep when a fire starts and you don't have working smoke alarms to wake you, your chance of surviving is virtually zero.
  • Fire spreads very quickly - the real killer is the smoke.
  • People cannot smell smoke - when you are asleep you lose your ability to smell.
  • It only takes 3 or 4 breaths of the toxic fumes to suffocate you and family members.

A smoke alarm is an early warning system which warns you almost as soon as a fire starts and gives you and your family time to alert everyone and to escape safely.

  • Smoke alarms should be placed on each level of your home.
  • Smoke alarms should be fitted on ceilings.
  • Ideally, one in your hallway and one on your landing.
  • Test smoke alarms weekly, (Test It Tuesday) even if they are mains powered.
  • Smoke alarms should be vacuumed at least twice a year to remove any dust or insects. Replace the battery annually, give it a birthday unless the alarm is fitted with a 10 year sealed battery.